Discover the Future of Payments with YumitCo

YumitCo is the first decentralized payments infrastructure for Web3.

It is open, free, and available for everybody to start accepting crypto payments with ease.


What is YumitCo?

Web3 businesses, as well as Web2 apps pretending to leverage Web3 technology, need to deal with accepting crypto payments in hundreds of different tokens.

They face the challenge of determining exchange rates, dealing with volatility, and waiting for settling events to confirm payments on multiple blockchains.

YumitCo solves this problem by providing a straightforward solution that anyone can use. You can focus on growing your business instead of collecting payments.

What can you do with YumitCo?

YumitCo supports multiple use cases but here are some examples. You can leverage on YumitCo technology if you are:

  • A dApp that needs to collect payments in different tokens.

  • An e-commerce that wants to accept crypto payments.

  • A payment gateway that wants to provide crypto collection capabilities for your retail customers.

  • A mobile POS that desires to enable crypto collection capabilities to your customers.

  • An ATM that wants to enable crypto-to-fiat withdrawal.

  • An IoT developer.

  • And many more! You can use YumitCo for your own particular use case.

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What can you expect from opening an account with YumitCo?

Full access to use YumitCo transactional core.

Collect payments in crypto.

Get payment confirmations and settle in stable-coins.

Payment link / QR distribution.

Fee collection for resellers.

GUI self-onboarding process and KYB.

Access to Yumit Portal GUI to administrate your account and check your transactions.

AML / Transaction monitoring for all operations.

Access to API documentation.

Discretionary technical and business support by email.

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